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Frequently Asked

What if I arrive late for my appointment?

How can I schedule my appointment?

To ensure & maximize your time spent being pampered, we ask that you arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to prepare for your treatment(s). As a result that you are late for your appointment, your service time will be reduced. You will still be charged the full-service price for these services. 

You can arrive in whatever you feel most comfortable in. 

You do disrobe for your massage services; to ensure that you feel comfortable & safe you may elect to receive your treatment while wearing undergarments. If you wish you can also wear a bathing suit. 

What should I wear? Do I have to get naked?

There is a couple different ways that you can book an appointment. You can call the spa at (813)964-6860, and speak with a spa coordinator. You may set up an account through our website by clicking or tapping on the 'Book Now' buttons. You may also book through google. We ask that you only book appointments on top of the hour when scheduling online. 

Is gratuity included in the service price?

All of our spa services & treatments do not include gratuity. You may leave gratuity with a gift card, credit card, and/or cash. 

Can I make a personal request(s)?

To ensure that you have a successful & relaxing experience. Clients should understand that they have the right & responsibility of open communication with all staff at the spa. If you have preferences and/or concerns please feel free to discuss these matters before your treatment begins with your services provider. This is very important during your massage; if you do not wish for your feet or face to be touched, require lighter or more firm pressure, or if you feel any amount of discomfort, let your massage therapist know. 

What if I have a disability or allergies?

We always recommend that you consult with your physician if you have any medical condition that may potentially cause you harm or discomfort during any of our services. Please inform our staff prior to your appointment, we will try to accommodate and tailor services for each individual needs. 

Can I choose the gender I want for a Massage Therapist?

Yes, you may provide your gender preference when you schedule your appointment with a Spa Receptionist. 

Should men Shave before a facial? 

We always recommend that men shave prior to their facial. To try to prevent skin irritation you should shave at least 2 hours before your service. 

Can I receive services while I am pregnant?

You should always consult with your physician about which treatments are safe, especially at different stages of pregnancy. We recommend staying away from any spa service with deep pressure or heat. We do however offer Prenatal Massages for "Mothers to be" after their first trimester.   

Should I shave my legs before getting a massage?

We do recommend shaving your legs prior to your massage. However, it is not required. Please note that shaving at least 4 hours before your appointment will help prevent skin irritation. 

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