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Laser Hair Removal

The gold standard in Laser Hair Removal. Success built on over two decades to deliver results you can trust. 

Gentle Pro Series By CANDELA 

ND:Yag & Alexandrite

 Benefits of Laser Hair Removal!

The benefits that come with this treatment are related to the equipment used. These include permanent hair reduction, fast treatment times, more comfort than alternative hair removal methods, safety, and a variety of areas that can be covered.

Results Time Frame!

The treatment itself can take anywhere between a few minutes to an hour. This depends on the condition that’s being treated and the treatment area. Usually, treating both of your legs can take as little as 15 minutes.

If you want to experience the full hair removal experience, you need to complete multiple treatments.

This is because the hairs you see on your body aren’t always at the same stage. Usually, you need to have a few treatments, with each of them being apart somewhere between six and eight weeks.

This way, they’ll be on the same level when it comes to their growth stages.

Considering this, you should expect to see full results within a few to several months.

This may seem like a long time, but it actually isn’t. Look at any review of the Candela Gentle Pro, and you’ll soon come to realize that this is much less time than you would be spending an entire lifetime shaving or waxing..

How to plan Laser Hair Removal!

There are several steps you should take to plan this treatment. These include scheduling a consultation, asking the right questions, avoiding hair removal treatments beforehand, and following the right necessary steps on the day of the treatment.

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Avoid Hair Removal Treatments! 

Six weeks before you receive your treatment, you should avoid hair removal treatments. These include waxing, electrolysis, and waxing. The reason for this is that the hair should be present in the follicles when the treatment occurs.

On Day of Hair Removal Treatment!

On the day of treatment, you need to be clean-shaven, not wear any additional products, apply sunblock, avoid tanning booths and sunlight, and, potentially, have a prophylactic antiviral therapy prescribed to you.

Also, the day you come in for your treatment, you should be clean-shaven. Even though you should avoid any of the hair removal treatments listed above, being clean-shaven makes it possible for the person doing your treatment to reach the hair follicles.

There are additional products you should avoid wearing on the day of your treatment. These include self-tanning products, topical anesthetics, oils, creams, or makeup. The laser needs to treat the skin directly, so these products might get in the way.
To protect your skin while the procedure is being completed, you should wear sunblock before you get your treatment. Go for a sunblock that’s SPF 30 or higher so that you get the protection you need.

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