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Body Roll

Body Roll machines combine the healing effects of slimming and lymphatic drainage massages. 


Lymphatic drainage massages help relieve muscle tension and lose inches from the body, eliminating unnecessary toxins and reducing cellulite.​​

 Benefits of Rolling!

Helps Increase Range of Motion 

Helps Fibromyalgia  

Helps Reduce Appearance of Cellulite 

Helps With Lymphatic Drainage 

Helps with Weight Loss


Helps with Self- Myofacial Release (SMR)

What to know before you get your roll on!

  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated before and after your body roll session. This will help flush any toxins from your body.

  • Do not body roll on a full stomach

  • Pull hair up and away off the shoulders and upper back

  • Wear long leggings and a long sleeve fitted top (Yoga like clothing)*Note that wearing white or lighter colored clothing is best so the infrared & chromotherapy lights will have better penetration through to the skin. 

  • Socks are necessary (no shoes)

  • Remove all  jewelry 

  • No zippers

Not Recommended if:

  • You are a pregnant women (possible with clearance from your doctor)

  • You are sick or infectious

  • You are at risk of bleeding

  • You have tumors or thyroid disease

  • You have a fracture or any fresh wounds

  • You have large bruises or a sizeable birthmark 

  • You have a heart condition or with uncontrolled blood pressure

  • You have have varicose veins should be avoided

Body Roll Pricing

*Express Roll

Body Roll Monthly Membership $99

* 45 minute Roll
*45 minute Roll
*Expire 3 months
* 18 minute Roll

Monthly Unlimited Membership 


*45 minute Roll

What to expect after a Body roll Session! 

Why does my body feel achy after a body roll session?

Much like after a massage body aches can be expected to possible happen, while the toxins are transported to the nearest lymph nodes for excretion. Lymphatic drainage is healing the body by detoxifying, and some people are more sensitive to that process. The lymphatic system is responsible for handling and neutralizing toxins and wastes created from food, pollution and our own body's daily cellular activities. It is also responsible for housing and transporting immune cells. Clients that feel nauseous during or after their session, should go more slowly and shorten the session. You may choose to increase certain nutrients (antioxidants such as Vitamin C to bind toxins) or temporarily add supportive herbs to support the liver and kidneys detoxification processes prior to and after your body roll sessions. 





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