Hair Restoration Treatment 

Jetpeel hair restoration

Jetop is the state-of-the-art method for treating the scalp in a painless and pleasant way, achieving significant reduction in the rate of hair loss. From an aesthetic point of view, Jetop targets lusher and super glowing hair.

 First step: Perform a careful exfoliation using Jet Detox Water. The unique micro-jet cleansing method achieves optimal and very deep cleansing, effectively ridding the scalp of dead cells, excessive oil, sweat and grime. The result is a fresh and clean scalp that is ready to receive the benefits of the active ingredients contained in the Jetop Solution.The micro-jet action provides a thorough scalp massage that promotes micro-circulation, sending blood fl ow to strengthen the hair follicles.The massage energizes hair while lowering stress and tension. Second step: Infusion of Jetop Solution. Once the scalp is cleaned and micro-circulation is stimulated, active components can penetrate successfully. Jetop Solution provides an effective delivery of a valuable nourishment which promotes the reduction of hair loss rate, stimulates hair growth, and makes the hair look lush, glowing and bright.

  • Series of 10 for $1000 50 min 

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